I adore the vibrancy of pure colour together with all of it's hues and contrasts. This is evident in my paintings in whatever medium I use, acrylic, watercolour, oil. I enjoy experimentation with surfaces and materials. I particularly like the dramatic effect of ink painting usually found in lino cut work. I am excited I have found a way of incorporating both acrylic and ink on the same surface which is both spontaneous and a real joy to create. This 'ink resist' process unifies the whole painting and gives a smooth matte finish which is different to anything I have seen before.
If I could have a mentor it would either be Van Gogh or Matisse and maybe Picasso in his early years. My most adored painting is Picasso's 'Girl With A Dove' which is both very tender yet painted in a bold manner with typical black outlining. A style which I should be privileged to emulate.
My ambition is to explore and find more subjects suited to this wonderful process.
I have been fortunate to have been chosen twice to exhibit at the Society of Women Artists, Mall Galleries, London

About Me